Virtus Financial Group

“We’ve always felt a tremendous feeling of comfort working with ONYX Capital.  Jeff Schneider, the principal, makes that possible with his candor and honesty.  He has a deep understanding of technicals and an ability to distill a project down to its essentials.  We admire his skill to execute, as well as his follow-through in a challenging environment.”

Terrell Gates, Founder & CEO


Butterfield & Shore Custom Homes

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Schneider in several business ventures.  He is someone who is consistently careful to properly set expectations and then exceed them.  He is someone that I trust and respect.  He has played a large role in the growth of my company.”
Matt Butterfield, Principal

Aspyr Media Inc.

“I have worked with Jeff Schneider and his firm, ONYX Capital, for over 3 years in both residential real-estate development and corporate consulting for growth capital funding.  Jeff’s instincts of leveraging when in negotiation and reposition and when out of negotiation, have served all transactions with the highest return.  He is fair, honest and considers all parties when doing business. Finally, he does it all with a smile and speed to ensure you enjoy the relationship and time spent working with Jeff.  Looking forward to the next round of projects.”

Ted Staloch, CoFounder

NewLight Healthcare

“I have known Jeff Schneider of ONYX Capital for over two years and am honored to call him my friend and business associate.  Jeff is extremely dedicated to serving his clients and always puts their needs first.  Jeff’s investment expertise combined with his unmatched work ethic and big heart lead him to extreme success.”

Todd Biederman, President

Lyons Capital LLC

“Jeff Schneider, of Onyx Capital, is a financial industry professional with a long understanding of the business.  He has an ability to adapt to his client’s needs regardless of the current economic environment.”

Jason Lyons, Chairman

MCase Consulting LLC

“Jeff Schneider, founder of ONYX Capital, is one of the most creative people I know.  He exudes enthusiasm for the Alternative Investment space and a commitment to make high opportunity investments available outside of the realm of just the institutional investors.”

Marie Case, Owner

New York City Marathon 2005

NYC Marathon 2005 New York City Marathon 2005 * Jeffry Schneider

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